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Hey everyone! I’m Liz the new admin of Over time you’ll see some changes in the gallery and on the content pages of this site. Please contact me if you have any problems navigating once these changes occur.

To start off, I’ve added a new event to the gallery.



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Hello guys! I’ve just updated the site with some pics of the gorgeous Sienna and I’d like to share with you the trailer for one of her upcoming movies, “The List”, which I think is very interesting! Thanks to galijabre for having shared it with us!

You can look at all the updates by clicking at these photos below:

If you want to be always updated about Sienna’s work/projects/events she attends, be sure to read the comments of these posts! I don’t write posts very often here but thanks to users like galijabre this site is always active! Of course everyone can post the news/photos they find or you can send them to me! ; )

EDIT: I’d like you to be always updated about Sienna (even if I don’t update this website), that’s why I’ve just added a widget for Sienna’s twitter on the sidebar and a link to @guillorynews: a great resource if you want to know everything about Sienna in real time!

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Dear Sienna’s fans! First of all please, excuse me if I have been so absent recently but I had several issues these last months and I couldn’t find the time to update the site!
I will update it asap in the next few days with the latest photos, news, etc. If you want to know more you can always read the comments of past articles where fans post all the latest news concerning Sienna. Thanks to Galijabre for sharing everytime interesting news!!

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Hey guys! I uploaded some photos taken at the LA Premiere of “Resident Evil: Retribution” that took place the day before yesterday. Sienna looked stunning and gorgeous as always. Galijabre, one of Sienna’s biggest fans, was there and he told us he was right next to Sienna all the time. What an amazing experience!! Tell us more Galijabre!! :D

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Check out the 1st HQ movie still from RE: Retribution featuring Jill. Badass.

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I made some screencaps from the second trailer of RE: Retribution! :)

PS: Did you notice the ‘eye transformation’ in the first pic? :D

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Sienna is “on the set” of her new movie ‘Being American’ (thanks again to Marko for the news)!

“I’m in the middle of the desert, fucking hell”


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I re-blog the official trailer for “RE: Retribution” that has been linked in the comments (thanks guys)!

Personal opinion: I can’t wait for it to be released. It looks very intriguing and I really want to see Sienna playing such an interesting role! What is your opinion about it?

I’ve also uploaded to the Gallery a picture taken on the set of RE! Thanks to Dionis! ;)

Click on ‘more’ to watch a featurette where Milla talks about the fighting scene between Jill and Alice!


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On February 24th Sienna attended the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards and I’ve uploaded some photos from the event! Enjoy! :)

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Today the first teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution has been released! Here it is:

Enjoy! Unfortunately no Jill in it! :/

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