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Sienna is “on the set” of her new movie ‘Being American’ (thanks again to Marko for the news)!

“I’m in the middle of the desert, fucking hell”


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By Galijabre(REMA)
Jul 5, 2012

I just love that video :) Sienna is truly the most beautiful girl in the world :) The ONE and ONLY Helen of Troy and Jill Valentine :) FUCKING HELL :)

By shorty1310
Jul 16, 2012

Poor Sienna. No hearing, no spirit. Lost in the desert.

By Galijabre(REMA)
Jul 19, 2012

Type your comment here.Ricky, check out this BEAUTIFUL Mercedes Benz commertial Sienna did few weeks ago!!! SHE LOOKS BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL IN IT! Sienna truly is Helen of Troy!!! Here take a look :)

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