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I re-blog the official trailer for “RE: Retribution” that has been linked in the comments (thanks guys)!

Personal opinion: I can’t wait for it to be released. It looks very intriguing and I really want to see Sienna playing such an interesting role! What is your opinion about it?

I’ve also uploaded to the Gallery a picture taken on the set of RE! Thanks to Dionis! ;)

Click on ‘more’ to watch a featurette where Milla talks about the fighting scene between Jill and Alice!

Wondering when we will be able to watch an interview featuring Sienna :D

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By Galijabre(REMA)
Jul 1, 2012

Hey Ricky! I FUCKING LOVE THE TRAILER! Sienna looks breathtaking in it as always :) I can’t wait to see it :) And by the way, Sienna is filming a new movie as we speak called “Being American” somewhere in the desert (probably in Nevada or Arizona, I’m not sure really in which specific desert) Here, take a look Ricky, :) Sienna uploaded a video of her traveling throughout the desert by a car :) Sienna looks so beautiful “FUCKING HELL” she says :)

By shorty1310
Jul 1, 2012

I look forward to September. Sienna is beautiful in the way of Jill Valentine, and even in this daring character Sienna manages to show her fine manner of performance and to find the role …. No matter what I see in this movie, I’ll be looking at Sienna Guillory.
Though I looked all three movies with her participation, but this was enough for me to understand that this is the best actor, which I saw, besides, it is indescribable and incredibly beautiful. Here’s to you my opinion…

By Ricky
Jul 4, 2012

I agree with both of you guys! And I’ll definitely watch Sienna!! Just her hahaha :D

Thanks Marko for the news about “Being American”!! I must update the right sidebar with Sienna’s current projects :D

By Dionis
Jul 6, 2012

Hi guys!!
Here’s one more video about upcoming RE movie, hope you will really like it

p.s. i WANT that scene in Full HD ))) Sienna is very hot!

By Ricky
Jul 7, 2012

Thank you Dionis! :D
Definitely!! I am looking for pictures of Jill but it is very difficult! I don’t know why they are releasing lots of pictures but none of Sienna.

By alexander
Aug 20, 2012

sienna te amo! estoy ansioso por ver tus nuevas peliculas ;)

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