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Today the first teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution has been released! Here it is:

Enjoy! Unfortunately no Jill in it! :/

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By Galijabre(REMA)
Jan 20, 2012

Ricky, I’m very disappointed with the RE Retribution teaser :( I really expected to see Sienna in it :( Everybody was in the teaser except Sienna :( That is very unfair, don’t you think :( I really expected to see Sienna/Jill in the first teaser :( I hope that the Retribution trailer will be better :)

By shorty1310
Jan 20, 2012

Powerfully!!! Sienna was there. Fairly, I even cannot present that will be in this film……….

By Galijabre(REMA)
Jan 23, 2012

Ricky,I have sweet treat for you friend :) Sienna’s Retribution WRITING and SOUND Interview ! I love hearing her voice again :) She sounds so cute ! And he is EXTREMELY HAPPY TO BE A PART OF THE RE movie franchise once again :) And Sienna will also be returning as Jill Valentine in the upcoming RE6 movie once Paul decides to start filming it :) Here you go Ricky ! ENJOY :)

By shorty1310
Feb 1, 2012

Really it is not fair that Jill is not present in this trailer. On that it and the trailer, has kept an intrigue of an ending of the fourth film…. Forgive me for my English once again…… It would be desirable to speak and correctly I am not able: (

By Galijabre(REMA)
Feb 26, 2012

P.S. Ricky, Sienna also posted this photo of herself from the Spirit Awards :) Sienna IS SO BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL :)!/guillorybe/media/slideshow?

By Ricky
Feb 26, 2012

Finally I am able to reply to you guys!! I tried some days ago before your posts of February 26, but I couldn’t login!!

By the way, thank you as always Marko for your links!! Yeah, I read that interview of Sienna! Very interesting but I want to see her in RE!! I have to watch the film I suppose ’cause they haven’t released any promo pic of hers!

I’ve just seen those goergeous photos of hers at the Spirit Awards and I am going to upload them to the photo gallery!! :)

By Flint Scott
Jan 18, 2013

Sienna, you are absolutely gorgeous!!! Total perfection!!! You were stunning in Resident Evil: Apocalypse!!! Have a great weekend and I hope to hear back from you soon!!!

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