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Hey guys! I uploaded some photos taken at the LA Premiere of “Resident Evil: Retribution” that took place the day before yesterday. Sienna looked stunning and gorgeous as always. Galijabre, one of Sienna’s biggest fans, was there and he told us he was right next to Sienna all the time. What an amazing experience!! Tell us more Galijabre!! :D

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By Galijabre(REMA)
Sep 15, 2012

Hey Ricky :) The gallery is beautiful! I wanted to post you a link to these pictures but you beat me to it :) Never mind, ANYWAY I HAD A BLAST AT THE PREMIERE! My dream come true :) I saw Sienna in person, I watched Retribution with Sienna and the rest of the cast (I also must brag that I got way better seats inside the cinema hall than Sienna :) LOL! ) I also got an autograph from Boris Kadjoe and Shawn Roberts and I talked to Oded Fehr :) I was hanging around-standing right next to Sienna the whole time after the movie finished at the cinema lobby- I WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HER but I couldn’t get her autograph nor to take a picture with her because Sienna had three security guards around her who were very unfriendly to her fans :( But still, I was standing right next to Sienna and looking at her the whole time :) It was an incredible experience :) There are even videos of me talking to Shawn Roberts and Boris Kadjoe, asking them to call Sienna to come to me but she didn’t because of her security :( on YouTube :) Here watch them:

Shawn and I

Boris and I

By Dionis
Sep 23, 2012

Hi guys!)) Maybe you’ve already seen this pictures, maybe don’t)) Sienna’s photosesson in New York magasine

By Ricky
Sep 26, 2012

Well, it was an experience.. I am sure of it!! It’s bad that Sienna’s guards were so unfriendly, maybe it’s because it was a huge premiere! Anyway you had the chance to stand next to her and that’s great!!

By Ricky
Sep 26, 2012

Hi Dionis! nice to see you here again! :) No, actually I don’t remember those photos! they’re so beautiful! thank you very much for sharing the link! I’m going to save and upload them asap! :D

By Mahan
Sep 27, 2012

Hey !galijabre you are SO LUCKY!i must say that the first time i saw sienna was at resident evil “apocalypse” and i fell in love with her the moment i saw here,and i still believe there is NO woman in the world more beautiful than sienna!after that i followed most of her movies.gilajabre i already knew u from your perfect clips of her on utube,and now I CANT BELIEVE U STOOD NEXT TO HER AND SAW HER IN PERSON!ure so damn lucky! plz tell me your did u feel that moment? how was her?
i cant believe!!!!!!

By Galijabre(REMA)
Sep 28, 2012

Ricky, the premiere wasn’t huge at all! The premiere was small and very nice :) I’m so happy that I was there and because I watched Retribution with Sienna :) I actually had way better seats than Sienna! LOL!

By shorty1310
Oct 4, 2012

She is such quiet, light and pure…

By shorty1310
Oct 4, 2012

I think I on the edge of madness and a despair

By Galijabre(REMA)
Nov 3, 2012

Ricky!!! Sienna’s movie Being American just got its trailer released!!! Sienna is awesome in it!!! She is playing a victim :) Here, enjoy!!!

By Galijabre(REMA)
Nov 18, 2012

Hey Ricky, I HAVE SOME MORE GOOD NEWS :) Sienna is gonna be on Luther UK series!!! Starring opposite Idris Elba :) I think she is gonna be a regular on season 3 and not just a guest star character :)

Sienna’s latest tweet:”Totally got dipped in bleach today for LUTHER season 3. Not confident that’s entirely vegan. ”

People say that Luther is a good show. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m about to start :) It’s nice to see that Sienna is still working in the UK :)

By Galijabre(REMA)
Nov 23, 2012


and here :)


By Galijabre(REMA)
Dec 10, 2012

Hey Rocky, Sienna attended BIFA last night in London :) Here are some pics of her that you should post here :) ENJOY!!!

By Galijabre(REMA)
Dec 10, 2012

Ricky :) SORRY :)

Dec 26, 2012


By Ricky
Jan 10, 2013

Hello guys!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been here for a while!!! The last months were crazy and I couldn’t find the time to update the website!! Fortunately there’s you Marko who help me with linking Sienna’s latest news!! I’m going to update the gallery asap!! Hope in the next few days to refresh this website hehe

That’s cool I already wanted to follow Luther ’cause I like Ruth Wilson! Now I have another reason to watch it! :D

@Mahan: Hi Mahan!! I’m sorry your comment were not visible before! I hope you’re still following this website and welcome!! :)

@Alexander: Welcome to you,too Alexander :)

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