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Dear Sienna’s fans! First of all please, excuse me if I have been so absent recently but I had several issues these last months and I couldn’t find the time to update the site!
I will update it asap in the next few days with the latest photos, news, etc. If you want to know more you can always read the comments of past articles where fans post all the latest news concerning Sienna. Thanks to Galijabre for sharing everytime interesting news!!

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By Galijabre(REMA)
Jan 13, 2013

Hey there Ricky! No worries man, I knew you’d show up eventually sooner or later :) Sienna has been working a lot lately :) I can’t wait to see her on Luther :) I have watched all Luther episodes, and I must say that Luther is the best crime show Sienna guest starred on so far :) I didn’t like any of the crime shows on which Sienna was guest starring before. Especially Criminal Minds, which is the shittiest and the cheapest crime show ever made! I really don’t like the fact that Sienna was guest starring on Criminal Minds and I wish she never did :( I’m also a huge fan of Idris Elba who plays Luther :) Idris was previously starring on The Wire, which is my favorite crime show :) I’m so happy because Sienna is playing Mary Day, Idris’ love interest on Luther :) I’m also really looking forward to see Sienna’s upcoming movie projects ( Being American, The Wicked Within and The Whole Banana)

I’m also happy to hear that you also like Luther Ricky :) I can’t stand Alice but then again Ruth Wilson is a brilliant actress :)

By Galijabre(REMA)
Jan 18, 2013

Hey Ricky I’ve got some new info for you :) In 7 days from now Sienna will be attending Biohazard Festival in Tokyo :) Sienna confirmed it on Twitter :)

Here, chek it out:

Biohazard Festival is about Resident Evil games and movies :) It’s something like San Diego Comic Con :) Sienna will be one of the special guests at the festival :) So expect new Sienna picks on January 25th :)

By GuilloryNews
Jan 20, 2013

Great! This is a wonderful website!!

By Galijabre(REMA)
Jan 23, 2013

Ricky I’ve got more good news for you :) I’ve found The List trailer!!! The List is Sienna’s new upcoming thriller :) It looks so intense and Sienna looks so beautiful in it :) Here, enjoy :)

By Galijabre(REMA)
Jan 27, 2013

Hey Ricky this is the very first Sienna Biohazard Tokyo Festival video :) Sienna is beautiful! I LOVE HER BLONDE HAIR THE MOST :) But her Lady Gaga outfit and those weird shoes made her look extremely tall LOL! Her black Tokyo dress on the other hand is the best when it comes to fashion :) Sienna is the only person who I and you will understand in this video :) ENJOY!

By Galijabre(REMA)
Jan 29, 2013

Here are some more pics of Sienna from The Biohazard Tokyo Festival :) ENJOY!

By Ricky
Feb 2, 2013

Hi Marko! How are you? Thank you so much for all the updates!! :D I am just updating the site (adding several pics I collected a few weeks ago!) By the way I don’t like very much her last outfit! I prefer the “Life of Pi UK Premiere” version! haha She was wonderful there :)

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